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Employee Surveys - Dos & Don’ts

Employee Surveys - Dos & Don’ts

August 24, 2021

Employee Surveys - Dos & Don'ts

EPISODE 69 | Guests: Elizabeth Williams & Andrew Brown, founders of the Academy of Business Communications

Employee surveys are a longstanding tool in the management and communications arsenal. By getting direct feedback from your workforce, you can find out what’s working, what’s misunderstood or unclear, and what improvements your employees feel you need to make. But asking vague questions, crowding surveys with lots of junk and not updating your surveys to reflect current realities can do more harm than good. Also, if your surveys are too infrequent or employees don’t see any action afterwards, you can weaken the employee engagement you were trying to boost.


In this episode, employee communications experts Elizabeth Williams and Andrew Brown walk through the potential and pitfalls of employee surveys, what can happen when they’re done well and the dangers of doing them badly.

- Find out when employee surveys are a good idea, and when they’re not

- Learn how to focus surveys and avoid "might-as-well-itis"

- Find out how often to survey employees (it's more often than you think)

- Understand the importance of focus groups and middle managers

- Discover how to set and meet employee expectations around surveys

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