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Design Tips for Interactive Screens

Design Tips for Interactive Screens

September 21, 2021

Design Tips for Interactive Screens

EPISODE 71 | Guest: Melissa Sartin, creative content artist for Visix

Interactivity is now the norm for screens in our daily lives. Making your digital signage interactive, either using touchscreen or voice interaction, can greatly improve the user experience, but not if what’s on screen is hard to read or hard to navigate.

In this episode, content artist Melissa Sartin walks us through design tips for interactive screens, what you can do using our AxisTV Signage Suite software and the common mistakes to avoid.

- Learn the benefits of offering interactivity

- Discover AxisTV Signage Suite’s interactive options and widgets

- Get tips for designing good interactive screen layouts

- Explore design themes, navigation systems, ADA controls, imagery and timeouts

- Understand the importance of testing & success measures


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Digital Wayfinding 101

Digital Wayfinding 101

August 25, 2020

Digital Wayfinding 101

EPISODE 43Guest: Jill Perardi, creative services manager for Visix

Wayfinding at its most basic level is simple – help people get from point A to point B. But there’s a lot more to effective wayshowing than just putting up a map, especially once you decide to go digital. Digital wayfinding needs to be well planned and well designed with the user experience always the priority.

The tradeoff for that extra work is that you also have more possibilities and options to engage your audience. In this episode, we’ll explore digital wayfinding options and best practices for static screens, interactive touchscreens and smartphones, and cover the basics of what you need to get started. 

- Start with a goal, a team and a plan
- Maps: where to get them and what goes on them
- Use color coding and landmarks
- No touchscreen? No problem. Put wayfinding on static displays
- Design for the user, environment and screen size
- Weigh time and budget against the visitor experience
- Consider ADA guidelines and mobile options
- Use a voice user interface for hands-free interactivity on any screen


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Download our white paper: 10 Steps to Successful Interactive Wayfinding

Why You Need Room Signs Instead of Tablets

Why You Need Room Signs Instead of Tablets

August 11, 2020

Why You Need Room Signs Instead of Tablets

EPISODE 42 | Guests: Sean Matthews, president & CEO of Visix and Joe Murray, system engineer and architect for Visix

For space management, nothing is as effective as digital room signs. They’re more efficient, more flexible and even more cost effective over time. And while it might be tempting to just use consumer-grade tablets, room signs are purpose-built for enterprise applications.

Sean and Joe talk about the different room sign solutions that Visix offers, which works best in what environment and what features are best for different user scenarios. They also cover the shortcomings of trying to use tablets to display event schedules 24/7.

And yes, this podcast episode is about specific Visix products. It’s our podcast, after all. And even if you’re shopping for room signs from several vendors, this podcast will give you some helpful tips.

- Learn why room signs are the essential modern space management solution

- Meet the most customizable room sign in the world – the Touch10

- Consider Connect room signs for turnkey room and resource management

- Manage collaboration and hoteling spaces with wireless electronic paper (EPS) E Ink room signs

- Understand what type of room signs work best in different environments

- Hear the disadvantages of using consumer tablets instead of purpose-built room signs


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Download our white paper for Meeting & Space Management Tips

Reopening After COVID-19 - Digital Signs for Safety

Reopening After COVID-19 - Digital Signs for Safety

July 28, 2020

Reopening After COVID-19 - Digital Signs for Safety

EPISODE 41 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix, Inc.

As facilities reopen after restrictions are relaxed, it’s vital to communicate any and all new policies to people entering your building or campus. Digital signage can help you reopen safely after COVID-19 by showing restrictions and reminders to returning employees, students and visitors, and can be updated immediately as the situation changes.

Effective messaging on screens can help reduce the risk of infection, ease tensions, create community and help people understand not just the “what” but the “why” of new guidelines. By reinforcing safety and safeguards on digital signs, you can support and encourage people as they return to their lives and their livelihoods.

In this episode you’ll:

- Hear practical examples for reopening messages
- Take a tour through a facility to find out what to put where
- Explore messaging for guidelines, reminders and traffic control 
- Understand the need for fun, inspiration and community building
- Learn how to minimize germ transmission on touchscreens
- Get free tools to help you reopen safely


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More information on this topic:

- Get the infographic: 12 Ways Digital Signage Can Help You Reopen Your Facility

- Read the blog: How Digital Signage Can Help You Reopen Safely

- Download free digital signage messages

Interactive Wayfinding and Directories - Plan for Success

Interactive Wayfinding and Directories - Plan for Success

June 2, 2020

Interactive Wayfinding & Directories - Plan for Success

EPISODE 37 | Guest: Jill Perardi - creative services manager, Visix, Inc.

One way to improve the visitor experience is by offering interactive wayfinding and directories. But what exactly does that involve? How do you design and manage the project? And who will maintain it?

The key to a successful wayfinding project is to plan out your steps in advance, and adjust as needed before ever going live in front of the audience. The more you do on the front end, the fewer headaches on the back end.

In this episode, we walk through the entire process from concept to completion, with questions and considerations for every step.

- Understand how to assess your need and set your goals

- Learn who needs to be involved during the various stages

- Know what assets to gather and how to manage them over time

- Save time and effort by anticipating questions in advance

- Design for your audience, not yourself

- Put yourself in visitors’ shoes – test and test again


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