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The Best Event Signs Are Digital

November 16, 2021

The Best Event Signs Are Digital

EPISODE 75 | Ellyce Kelly, professional services consultant for Visix

The number one thing shown on digital signs outside of retail settings is events. But showing events doesn’t just mean listing event and meeting schedules. You can use your digital signs to show countdowns and promotions before an event, stream video and tweets during an event, and follow up with your audience afterwards and share those results on screens.

In this episode, Ellyce Kelly walks us through some content ideas you may not have thought of for your events, best practices for event signs and real-world scenarios that work.

- Get content ideas for before, during and after events

- Learn about countdowns and calls to action

- Explore how social media, video and photos can boost participation

- Discover how touchscreens and room signs fit into the events mix

- Understand how scheduling software can feed your screens

See the full transcript HERE

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