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Campus Signage - Why Digital Is Better

Campus Signage - Why Digital Is Better

July 27, 2021

Campus Signage - Why Digital Is Better

EPISODE 67 | Guest: Dave Leo, region sales manager (North Central) for Visix, Inc.

Universities and colleges of all types and sizes are adopting digital campus signage. And they all have the same needs and the same mission, which is educate, inform and alert their students, staff and visitors. But it’s not enough to just put some screens up in hallways. You have to understand what types of messaging appeal to different viewers, and where and when to publish that content. You have to give your signage managers the tools they need to succeed and always think about the viewer experience.


In this episode, Dave Leo walks us through how higher education clients are using campus signage to engage their audiences, some of the dos and don’ts for a successful system, and some real-world examples of campus content.

- Learn about popular types of screen content for different audiences

- Understand the unique challenges for higher ed content managers

- Explore menu boards, donor boards, wayfinding and other interactive options

- Discover how digital signage ties into mass alerts

- Get advice and best practices for campus signage systems


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Get content ideas for campus signage in our white paper: Student-Centered Digital Signage for Colleges & Universities


Best Digital Signage Widgets for Different Users

Best Digital Signage Widgets for Different Users

July 13, 2021

Best Digital Signage Widgets for Different Users

EPISODE 66 | Guest: Ellyce Kelly, professional services consultant for Visix, Inc.

Choosing the best digital signage widgets starts with good user management. Different software users need access to the tools they feel most comfortable with, but they don’t necessarily need to see everything. Deciding what they should and shouldn’t interact with all stems from having a solid plan for your user hierarchy, content and workflows. This podcast can help get you started.

In this episode, we go through the main user types who create, schedule and manage content, and which widgets are best for them.

  • Learn why and how to organize user profiles
  • Explore three user personas – content submitter, content manager and content designer
  • Hear about different widgets and how they’re used in screen layouts
  • Discover interactive and HTML5 features
  • Understand how to set up software users for success

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Find out more about widgets on our webpage at: Easy Digital Signage Widgets

12 Tips for Better Employee Communications

12 Tips for Better Employee Communications

June 29, 2021

12 Tips for Better Employee Communications

EPISODE 65 | Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix


IT’S OUR TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Thanks to everyone who tunes in to DSDR. We hope you’ve found our episodes fun and valuable. If you have any suggestions for topics, email us at And don't forget that you can subscribe to this podcast and also our YouTube channel.

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Better employee communications take work. It’s not enough to create a PowerPoint slide or fill in a template with some text. You have to have a strategy behind your messages, or your employees will just tune out. That goes for every channel – email, digital signs, social networks, collaboration apps, etc. And the need for purposeful, well-thought-out messaging is never more important than for internal communications.

Today’s employees need transparency into your mission and the outcomes of their actions. They want a voice in your operations and how, when, where and what you communicate. If you want to drive and deliver better employee communications, we’re giving you 12 tips that you can put into action today:

- Hear how better employee communications affect engagement and experience

- Learn about best practices for design, content and frequency

- Understand context, clarity and brevity all work together

- Explore how to measure understanding and effectiveness

- Discover how surveys can do some of the work for you


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Use our infographic to take these tips with you.


A Modern Guide to Manufacturing Signage

A Modern Guide to Manufacturing Signage

June 15, 2021

A Modern Guide to Manufacturing Signage

EPISODE 64 | Guest: Chip Kepner, region sales manager - West Great Lakes for Visix, Inc.

Just as factories, warehouses and assembly lines have embraced technology to help them do their work, manufacturing signage has evolved to modernize communications with a fast-moving, far-flung workforce.

When workers can’t get to a computer to check email, or there’s no good internet in the area of the plant, how do you keep them engaged, informed and safe? In this episode, Chip Kepner walks us through how modern facilities are using digital signs to unify communications across their facilities – both in the office and on the floor.

- Get lots of content ideas for manufacturing signage

- Learn how signage affects employee engagement and productivity

- Hear best practices for HR and safety messaging, KPIs and more

- Discover how to unite messaging across jobs, teams and locations

- Understand what not to do on screens

- Explore some best and worse real-world examples


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Get more content ideas in our white paper: Drive Change and Improve Safety with Digital Signage for Manufacturing

Experiential Design for Digital Signage

Experiential Design for Digital Signage

June 1, 2021

Experiential Design for Digital Signage

EPISODE 63 | Host: Derek DeWitt, Communications Specialist for Visix, Inc.

Immersive experiences are being pioneered in a number of fields using experiential design concepts. Though digital signage is mainly a visual medium, there are ways to engage the other four senses as well. Yes – hearing, touch, smell and even taste.

The more ways you can get someone’s attention, the better chance you have of attracting them and giving them an experience that they’ll remember for a long time. And that means they’ll remember your message and your brand longer. This is more than thinking outside the box, it’s thinking outside the eye.

- Learn how much each sense influences how we process information

- Understand the importance of high-quality visuals and motion

- Explore ways to use audio and music effectively

- Consider using scent diffusers to add a smell element

- Don’t forget about haptics to engage the tactile sense

- Surprise people by offering a way to engage their taste buds

- Hear examples of how experiential design elements can work independently or together


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Get more content ideas in our Masterclass Guide 3: Digital Signage Content

Designing Good Digital Signage Templates

Designing Good Digital Signage Templates

May 18, 2021

Designing Good Digital Signage Templates

EPISODE 62 | Guest: Melissa Sartin, creative content artist for Visix, Inc.

Using templates for digital signage messages and layouts helps you save time, streamline workflows for content creators, and keep control over what people put up on your screens. No matter who’s making and scheduling messages to your system, you can rest easy knowing that everything fits within your brand and design standards.

In this episode, we talk with the designer who created over 900 templates for Visix about why using templates is a wise choice for many organizations. We look at best practices for specific template elements like background, images (and where to source them), font types and styles, and the various options available in AxisTV Signage Suite for template creators.

- Find out how templates can improve your signage

- Learn what backgrounds to use, and when

- Understand how to use images and where you can get them

- Explore font options and the psychology behind them

- Hear some real-world examples and use cases for different template elements

- Discover the difference between message templates and layout templates


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Get more design tips with our Masterclass Digital Signage Design Guide

Feeding the Face-to-Face Channel

Feeding the Face-to-Face Channel

May 4, 2021

Feeding the Face-to-Face Channel

EPISODE 61 | Guest: Ray Walsh, communications consultant & author of the book Localizing Employee Communications

You work hard to manage digital signage, emails, intranets and other communication channels, but you might be neglecting the most important one of all: the face-to-face channel.

In this episode, we talk with internal communications expert Ray Walsh. He gives us practical advice on how to prepare managers and team leaders to share your campaigns so that they generate buzz and word of mouth. We walk through a real-world example and how to lay the groundwork for your internal communications to make your messaging much more effective.

- Understand why digital channels aren’t enough

- Hear why managers and team leaders are critical to success

- Explore why context is essential for engagement

- Discover how to make your communications sharable

- Find out how to be an active recipient


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Get more communications advice from Ray's website and blog. Check out Ray’s book Localizing Employee Communications at Amazon or direct from XML Press.

Internal Communication Trends for 2021

Internal Communication Trends for 2021

April 20, 2021

Internal Communication Trends for 2021

EPISODE 60 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing & communications manager for Visix, Inc.

A new study by Gallagher on internal communication trends gives insights into the changing landscape of reaching employees and keeping them engaged. We take a look at a few of the findings – the good and the bad – and discuss possible reasons for why respondents said what they said. Along the way, we examine what organizations can do in the near future to improve their messaging, and how IC is changing in the coming years.

- Examine new priorities for internal communication (IC) and employee experience (EX)

- Hear how IC, HR and the C-suite are using new tools, tech and training

- Understand the growth of digital, interactive, multisensory and omnichannel comms

- Consider how new technologies, channels and content will impact IC strategies

- Learn how to expand measurement beyond reach to evaluate outcomes


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For more IC stats from the study, see our infographic: 30 New IC Statistics

You can also read the entire Gallagher study here: State of the Sector 2021: The definitive global survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape.

Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

April 6, 2021

Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

EPISODE 59 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing & communications manager for Visix, Inc.

Employee engagement has been greatly affected by the upheavals of 2020. Internal Communications, Human Resources, the C-suite, managers and workers are all adjusting to the new work-from-home culture, the technology that makes it possible and the challenges of communicating remotely.

In this episode, we discuss employee engagement trends highlighted in a new Gallup report. We cover where organizations are doing better than before, and where there’s still work to be done, and take a look at some of the reasons why the numbers are what they are.

- Hear the latest stats for engaged and unengaged employees

- Discover how HR and IC are adapting to the new normal

- Understand the risks of disengagement and burnout

- Learn why meaningful feedback and wellbeing are top priorities

- Explore how the C-suite and managers fit into engagement


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Want more tips on communications for employee engagement? Download our Masterclass Guide 2: Digital Signage Communications Planning

Hardware Considerations for Digital Signage

Hardware Considerations for Digital Signage

March 23, 2021

Hardware Considerations for Digital Signage

EPISODE 58 | Guest: Joe Murray, systems engineer & architect, Visix, Inc.

Communications today are increasingly virtual, but still require physical hardware to work. Although we often remind people that digital signage is about the content, you can’t reach your audience without the infrastructure. And maintaining your digital signage hardware and software is essential to a reliable, scalable and user-friendly system.

Joe Murray talks about what digital signage hardware you need for a digital signage solution, and how to shop smart so you don’t end up with items you need to replace in the near future. He also walks us through why and how you can update your software and hardware to keep your system running smoothly and take advantage of new features.

- Walk through the basic hardware in a digital signage system

- Understand what a content management server is and what it does

- Explore on-premise versus cloud hosting for servers

- Learn how to choose the best media player for your communications

- Hear why updating both hardware and software is essential

- Discover the advantages of remote and scheduled updates


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Want the nitty-gritty technical stuff? Download our AxisTV Signage Suite networking guide.

Work From Home: Tech, Trends & Benefits

Work From Home: Tech, Trends & Benefits

March 9, 2021

Work From Home: Tech, Trends & Benefits

EPISODE 57 | Guest: Jonathan Blackwood, editorial director of Commercial Integrator and editor-in-chief of My TechDecisions

How we work is changing, partly because of circumstance and partly due to technology. The pandemic has forced us to conduct the largest workplace experiment in history, but work from home was already a strong movement in the labor market, and has shown positive results for both organizations and their employees. Now that we’ve been forced to adapt, things will never be the same again.

Jonathan Blackwood shares some insights into what will change, what won’t, and even more importantly, why. He also talks about how productivity, health and safety and education are all being affected.

Remote working and learning technology are certainly at the forefront of these changes, but it’s also affecting everything from how managers approach goal setting to talent attraction and retention, to scheduling and collaboration, to space configuration and management.

- Learn about business agility and why it’s key for today’s workplace

- Discover how work-life balance benefits both employer and employees

- Hear how flexibility and hybrid schedules are increasing productivity

- Explore how to leverage in-office and out-of-office technologies

- Consider how digital signage fits into the new, emerging workplace

- Understand why surveys are essential to successfully adopt WFH practices

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Keep up to date with the industry, technologies and more at My TechDecisions and Commercial Integrator.

The Client Onboarding Process & Why It Matters

The Client Onboarding Process & Why It Matters

February 23, 2021

The Client Onboarding Process & Why It Matters

EPISODE 56 | Guest: Jill Perardi, director of professional services, Visix, Inc.


Software companies are using the HR term “onboarding” to describe the process of familiarizing clients with their products and services, and helping them become proficient enough to achieve their goals. Digital signage is a unique medium, so establishing a partnership between client and vendor is vital to a successful deployment.

Jill Perardi takes us through the client onboarding process at Visix. This gives clients an idea of what they should expect when buying AxisTV Signage Suite software. It also provides a roadmap that clients can use with other software vendors to ensure they get the most from their investment.

- Learn what onboarding is & why it’s important

- Walk through the steps of the Visix onboarding process

- Understand who needs to be involved at each stage

- Discover how success measures shape each step of the process

- Know what to expect and what to ask any company you deal with

See the full transcript HERE

For more help planning your digital signage success, download our Digital Signage Best Practices Guide.

How (Not) to Communicate Effectively

How (Not) to Communicate Effectively

February 9, 2021

How (Not) to Communicate Effectively

EPISODE 55 | Guest: Dave Haynes, founding editor for Sixteen:Nine, host of the 16:9 Podcast & digital signage consultant

Dave Haynes began in newspapers but started focusing primarily on digital signage and marketing 15 years ago. His refreshing take on how to keep communications honest has made Sixteen:Nine one of the go-to sources in the industry. In this episode, he shares some tips on how to communicate effectively with an audience and how not to screw up your press releases. 

Clear, concise communication is essential in all mediums, so you can apply this advice not only to your press releases, but also your digital signage content, social media and other messaging. Get suggestions on how to communicate both efficiently and effectively: 

- Learn what not to do if you want your story published
- Discover the benefits of hyper-targeting
- Understand the Five Ws & how they can transform your text
- Consider how buzzwords & quotes can hurt you
- Get advice on how to submit images & video
- Hear about queue management & other trends

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For more insights see Sixteen:Nine: All Digital Signage, Some Snark and the 16:9 Podcast

How Digital Signage Technologies Are Adapting to COVID-19

How Digital Signage Technologies Are Adapting to COVID-19

January 26, 2021

How Digital Signage Technologies Are Adapting to COVID-19

EPISODE 54 | Guest: Bradley Cooper, Editor for Digital Signage Today

2020 presented a number of challenges, but also a lot of opportunities. Organizations of all types are finding new and improved ways of getting their message out to audiences. New digital signage technologies are being adopted and adapted to meet post-COVID needs, and will point the way forward far into the future. Agility, versatility and integration are key to navigating the new communications landscape.

In this episode, we talk to Bradley Cooper of about how companies and retailers have already adapted, and what we might expect in the coming year.

- Learn about new touchless solutions for interactive screens & kiosks

- Gain insight into how communications are becoming more targeted & personalized

- Discover how digital signage is using AI, IoT &facial identification

- Understand the emerging omnichannel communications method

- Explore how organizations are using digital signs for safety & to control traffic flow

- Hear real-world examples of dos & don’ts

See the full transcript HERE

Get updates on news, events, trends and people in the digital signage and digital out-of-home industries at Digital Signage Today.


It’s Time for a Digital Signage Content Refresh

It’s Time for a Digital Signage Content Refresh

January 12, 2021

It's Time for a Digital Signage Content Refresh

EPISODE 53 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communication manager for Visix, Inc.

With the start of a new year, this is the perfect time to give your screens a makeover: try a new layout, pep up your message designs and get your user accounts in order. Even a limited content refresh can increase engagement.

Remember that the goal is to cut through the noise, grab people’s attention and get them to take your call to action. Since your digital signs are competing with a lot of sensory input, changing things up from time to time is an easy way to entice more viewers. However, any successful content refresh strategy has be done in a methodical, measurable way, so you can tell what is and isn’t effective.

In this episode we’ll give you some quick tips on what to refresh, how often and how easy it can be:

- Hear about the cocktail party affect and how the brain filters information
- Explore how to update layouts – new designs, arrangements and themes
- Learn to reimagine and refresh evergreen message elements 
- Discover quick update ideas for time, date, weather and other feeds
- Get tips on refreshing playlists and calls to action 
- Understand the importance of software, hardware and user updates


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Need some content inspiration? Grab our infographic with 100 Digital Signage Message Ideas.

AV & Digital Signage Trends for 2021

AV & Digital Signage Trends for 2021

December 29, 2020

AV & Digital Signage Trends for 2021

EPISODE 52 | Guest: Brian Galante, president & owner of Dimension PR


At the end of 2020, we’re looking at future AV and digital signage trends in the new work-from-home and hybrid culture. As large corporations work to integrate with the home office, AV and IT technologies are adapting at an unprecedented rate.

In this episode, Brian Galante of Dimension PR gives us his predictions based on his work with top vendors in the broadcast and professional AV industries. We also explore how PR fits into a comprehensive marketing and digital signage strategy:

- Understand public safety messaging for 2021 & beyond

- Learn about the convergence of DS & security solutions

- Hear how AV & IT are bridging in-office & at-home meetings

- Explore infrastructure & equipment for effective collaboration

- Get tips on how to work PR into your onscreen messaging


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Learn more about Brian Galante and Dimension PR at

A/B Testing for Digital Signage Content

A/B Testing for Digital Signage Content

December 15, 2020

A/B Testing for Digital Signage Content

EPISODE 51 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix

Measuring success is critical for modern communicators, and experimenting with A/B testing gives you data that you can analyze for actionable results to improve your workflows and audience response. 

Implementing a well-executed and consistent A/B testing strategy can help you improve your digital signage messages, layouts, designs, imagery, headlines, and more. But there are a few things to consider before just jumping in. You want to make sure you’re testing the right things in the right way. And always keep the focus on the main goal of any communications, which is engagement.

- Learn about the different digital signage elements you can test
- Understand the basic methodology for successful A/B testing
- Get tips on how to focus the scope of your split tests
- Explore the ROI benefits of continuous improvement
- Hear how to parse the data you gather


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Get more tips in our Masterclass Guide 2: Digital Signage Communications Planning Guide

ADA Guidelines for Digital Signage

ADA Guidelines for Digital Signage

December 1, 2020

ADA Guidelines for Digital Signage

EPISODE 50 | Host: Derek DeWitt, communications specialist for Visix, Inc.

Professional communication is about inclusion. The number and type of disabilities are more prevalent and varied than you might think, and include everything from physical to visual to hearing impairments and more. And with an aging population, it’s more important than ever before to ensure everyone can access and engage with your communications.

The Americans with Disabilities Act lays out steps for how you can ensure your facility, and your visual communications, are accessible to everyone. In this episode, we focus on tips for ADA guidelines for digital signage, specifically:

- Learn about how and where to mount screens

- Explore guidelines for keypads, kiosks and touchscreens

- Consider voice-responsive technology and EZ Access devices

- Discover how contrast, color, fonts and icons can help color blind viewers

- Get lots of links to helpful online resources


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Learn more about this topic in our Masterclass Guide 4: Digital Signage Design

How to Make Internal Communications More Authentic

How to Make Internal Communications More Authentic

November 17, 2020

How to Make Internal Communications More Authentic

EPISODE 49 | Guest: Ray Walsh, independent internal localization consultant & author of Localizing Employee Communications

How do you engage people but still maintain consistency in branding and messaging? How can you express your corporate culture while being authentic, comprehensible and engaging at the same time?

As in all good communications, the key is to focus on the audience – who they are, what they’re interested in and what their context is. But that’s just the first step, after you get to know your audience, you still have to craft messaging that will appeal to them.

In this episode, localization and communications expert Ray Walsh gives advice on how we can get across what we need to and yet still sound human.

- Learn how to avoid jargon (write to your mother)

- Get tips to simplify and focus your message

- Explore how being authentic leads to more engagement

- Embrace revisions, review and more revisions

- Hear how localization can help frame corporate messaging


See the full transcript HERE

Check out Ray’s book Localizing Employee Communications at Amazon or direct from XML Press

Using Digital Signage for Activism & Inclusion

Using Digital Signage for Activism & Inclusion

November 3, 2020

Using Digital Signage for Activism & Inclusion

EPISODE 48 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix

Engaging your audience with digital signage means including them in the conversation. There’s a lot going on in the world that’s more than just the day-to-day grind of work or classes, and part of your communications strategy should take that into account.

In this episode, we cover five aspects of incorporating activism and inclusion into your messaging: culture, education, trust, respect and events. Learn how you can use your digital signs to include people in your organization at multiple levels, educate your audience on what’s important to you, and reinforce what’s important to them.

- Understand why you need to focus on people first

- Learn to define and reinforce your organizational culture on screens

- Explore how to encourage inclusion and respect in your facilities

- Consider causes and how to advertise them correctly

- Discover how to build trust and transparency by being accurate and timely

- Get tips on how to support events with more than just schedules


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Get more content ideas in our Masterclass Guide 3: Digital Signage Content

Automated Digital Signage – Set It and Forget It

Automated Digital Signage – Set It and Forget It

October 20, 2020

Automated Digital Signage – Set It and Forget It

EPISODE 47 Guest: Jill Perardi, director of professional services, Visix, Inc.

Digital signage doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Any good content management software will let you pull in feeds and data from other sources like calendar apps, websites, news sources and more. Even tools like Microsoft Excel can be used to manage information off screen, and that data will update all on its own once it’s embedded in your message or layout.

With automated digital signage content, you can set it up once and just let it run. You’ll not only guarantee that you’ll always have fresh, relevant content for your audience, you’ll free up your time to concentrate on more specific, time-sensitive campaigns.

In this episode, we’ll continue our tips on auto-updating content, and expand on some new sources and ideas that can save digital signage managers time while attracting and engaging more viewers.

- Learn how automation benefits both digital signage managers and viewers

- Understand how attractors can increase engagement with all of your content

- Explore data-fed solutions like event boards, menu boards and directories

- Get tips on how to set up social media, countdowns and countups

- Consider content subscriptions, news-in-pictures and signage kits


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Learn more about this topic in our Masterclass Guide 3: Digital Signage Content

Digital Signage for Health and Safety

Digital Signage for Health and Safety

October 6, 2020

Digital Signage for Health and Safety

EPISODE 46 | Guest: Trey Hicks, chief sales officer, Visix, Inc.

Safety is important in all work environments, but it’s paramount in manufacturing and industrial settings. Accidents can cause serious injury, damage equipment and cost the organization a lot of money.

Digital signage can help safety managers train new employees and remind workers about current procedures and protocols, as well as engage and motivate people across the organization. And it’s not just health and safety – digital signs can increase engagement with motivational messages, calls to action and realtime metrics on screens.

Safety is never one and done – it requires constant and consistent education and motivation. Digital signs can help you keep all your employees safe and informed, comply with OSHA and ADA requirements, and have a more productive workforce.

- Understand how digital signage can unite communications across shifts and specialties

- Learn the benefits of digital safety communications over OSHA posters

- Explore ways to promote training and increase engagement

- Discover how realtime data can increase productivity

- Get real-world examples of how Visix manufacturing clients are using digital signs

- Consider safety message subscriptions to take the burden off content creators

- Hear how safety messaging can help during the COVID-19 pandemic


See the full transcript HERE

Additional Resources:

Calls to Action - Examples & Advice for Digital Signage

Calls to Action - Examples & Advice for Digital Signage

September 22, 2020

Calls to Action - Examples & Advice for Digital Signage

EPISODE 45 | Guest: Ellyce Kelly, professional services consultant, Visix, Inc.

A call to action is a short, clear instruction that motivates your audience to do something, like “register now” or “learn more”. And in visual communications and digital signage, the call to action is the most important part of every message you publish. It not only prompts action; it gets people actively engaged and provides you with a way to measure whether or not your messaging is effective.

It might sound basic, but, as in all communications, there are some dos and don’ts. We’ll walk you through some best practices for how to create compelling calls to action, with 12 tips that have been proven to work on digital signs.

- Get easy call to action examples you can use today

- Learn how to leverage QR codes for higher response rates

- Understand how to craft concise, motivating messages

- Consider language register, verbs, triggers and symbols

- Explore gamification, cross-promotion and ROI measures


See the full transcript HERE

Get more advice in our infographic 12 Best Practices for Calls to Action on Digital Signs

Localization & Why It Matters

Localization & Why It Matters

September 8, 2020

Localization & Why It Matters

EPISODE 44 | Guest: Ray Walsh, independent localization expert, author of Localizing Employee Communications

We talk a lot about audience engagement with digital signage, and one way to ensure people pay attention and care about what you’re showing is to make it relevant to their environment. Localization means adapting communications to the specific location and audience you’re trying to reach, and is a vital element to any good communications plan.

Localization expert Ray Walsh talks about where this movement comes from, gives examples of companies that do a good job, and not such a good job, and gives tips for adapting both internal and public-facing messaging for the best possible customer experience.

- Learn what localization is

- Understand the differences between global branding and local messaging

- Consider how to adapt global brand standards

- Explore how to use photos correctly and effectively

- Examine communication within the content chain

- Get tips to avoid common pitfalls when localizing content


Get the full transcript HERE

Learn more about this topic with Ray’s book, Localizing Employee Communications from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or direct from XML Press.

Digital Wayfinding 101

Digital Wayfinding 101

August 25, 2020

Digital Wayfinding 101

EPISODE 43Guest: Jill Perardi, creative services manager for Visix

Wayfinding at its most basic level is simple – help people get from point A to point B. But there’s a lot more to effective wayshowing than just putting up a map, especially once you decide to go digital. Digital wayfinding needs to be well planned and well designed with the user experience always the priority.

The tradeoff for that extra work is that you also have more possibilities and options to engage your audience. In this episode, we’ll explore digital wayfinding options and best practices for static screens, interactive touchscreens and smartphones, and cover the basics of what you need to get started. 

- Start with a goal, a team and a plan
- Maps: where to get them and what goes on them
- Use color coding and landmarks
- No touchscreen? No problem. Put wayfinding on static displays
- Design for the user, environment and screen size
- Weigh time and budget against the visitor experience
- Consider ADA guidelines and mobile options
- Use a voice user interface for hands-free interactivity on any screen


See the full transcript HERE

Download our white paper: 10 Steps to Successful Interactive Wayfinding

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