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7 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

August 10, 2021

7 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

EPISODE 68 | Guest: Sean Matthews, president & CEO, Visix, Inc.

What’s the difference between remote workers and in-office workers? Not much, it turns out. Every employee wants to feel motivated, connected and engaged, and every employee requires good communication from all levels of their organization. Remote workers need the same guidance and encouragement as in-office staff, and they can be just as productive (or more so) than the employee sitting in a cubicle if you evolve your mindset and your communication channels to deliver what they need.

In this episode, Sean Matthews talks about the realities of a growing hybrid workforce, specific challenges that Visix has faced and how we addressed them, along with some concrete advice for anyone struggling to engage their remote workers.

- Learn about the myths and mindsets that pose a barrier to remote engagement

- Hear how Visix adapted to an expanded remote workforce

- Understand the benefits of remote work for both employees and the bottom line

- Get seven practical tips on how to keep your remote workers engaged

- Explore technologies and techniques for hybrid office communications


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