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Campus Signage - Why Digital Is Better

July 27, 2021

Campus Signage - Why Digital Is Better

EPISODE 67 | Guest: Dave Leo, region sales manager (North Central) for Visix, Inc.

Universities and colleges of all types and sizes are adopting digital campus signage. And they all have the same needs and the same mission, which is educate, inform and alert their students, staff and visitors. But it’s not enough to just put some screens up in hallways. You have to understand what types of messaging appeal to different viewers, and where and when to publish that content. You have to give your signage managers the tools they need to succeed and always think about the viewer experience.


In this episode, Dave Leo walks us through how higher education clients are using campus signage to engage their audiences, some of the dos and don’ts for a successful system, and some real-world examples of campus content.

- Learn about popular types of screen content for different audiences

- Understand the unique challenges for higher ed content managers

- Explore menu boards, donor boards, wayfinding and other interactive options

- Discover how digital signage ties into mass alerts

- Get advice and best practices for campus signage systems


Get the full transcript HERE

Get content ideas for campus signage in our white paper: Student-Centered Digital Signage for Colleges & Universities


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