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Combatting Workplace Rumors with Good Communications

October 19, 2021

Combatting Workplace Rumors with Good Communications

EPISODE 73 | Guest: Andrew Brown, co-founder of the Academy of Business Communications

Water cooler talk has moved online, so the number, spread and speed of workplace rumors is growing every day. Ignoring rumors or putting out bad messaging to combat them can do more damage than the original rumor itself. Organizations have to understand the reasons why employees might create or spread rumors, how their communications and culture might be contributing to the rumor mill, and how to take a proactive approach to combat them. 

Andrew Brown walks us through the conditions that create fertile ground for rumors, the very human and social reasons behind them, and some real-world stories and advice for how organizations should and should not try to manage rumors in the workplace. 

- Understand three levels where rumors take hold

- Learn about the three conditions that allow rumors to rise and spread

- Hear four common but ineffective approaches that organizations often take

- Discover the traps that organizations often fall into when addressing rumors

- Get three tips for things an organization can do to combat rumors

- Explore how the hybrid office, technology and different generations play into it

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