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Design Tips for Interactive Screens

September 21, 2021

Design Tips for Interactive Screens

EPISODE 71 | Guest: Melissa Sartin, creative content artist for Visix

Interactivity is now the norm for screens in our daily lives. Making your digital signage interactive, either using touchscreen or voice interaction, can greatly improve the user experience, but not if what’s on screen is hard to read or hard to navigate.

In this episode, content artist Melissa Sartin walks us through design tips for interactive screens, what you can do using our AxisTV Signage Suite software and the common mistakes to avoid.

- Learn the benefits of offering interactivity

- Discover AxisTV Signage Suite’s interactive options and widgets

- Get tips for designing good interactive screen layouts

- Explore design themes, navigation systems, ADA controls, imagery and timeouts

- Understand the importance of testing & success measures


See the full transcript HERE

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