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Designing Good Digital Signage Templates

May 18, 2021

Designing Good Digital Signage Templates

EPISODE 62 | Guest: Melissa Sartin, creative content artist for Visix, Inc.

Using templates for digital signage messages and layouts helps you save time, streamline workflows for content creators, and keep control over what people put up on your screens. No matter who’s making and scheduling messages to your system, you can rest easy knowing that everything fits within your brand and design standards.

In this episode, we talk with the designer who created over 900 templates for Visix about why using templates is a wise choice for many organizations. We look at best practices for specific template elements like background, images (and where to source them), font types and styles, and the various options available in AxisTV Signage Suite for template creators.

- Find out how templates can improve your signage

- Learn what backgrounds to use, and when

- Understand how to use images and where you can get them

- Explore font options and the psychology behind them

- Hear some real-world examples and use cases for different template elements

- Discover the difference between message templates and layout templates


See the full transcript HERE

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