Digital Signage Done Right

Digital Signs for Business

September 7, 2021

Digital Signs for Business

EPISODE 70 | Guest: Jason Cain, region sales manager – South Central for Visix

Businesses of all types and sizes are using digital signage to inform and motivate employees, as well as communicate and connect with visitors and the public. But how successful your signage is always depends on what you’re showing on screens and how often you’re refreshing that content.

In this episode, Jason Cain walks us through how companies are using digital signs for business to engage both their internal and external audiences, the most popular content for each, and some of his best and worst real-world examples.

- Learn how businesses handle internal vs. public-facing communications

- Hear the pros and cons of enterprise, cloud and on-premise solutions

- Understand the benefits of automated events, alerts, KPIs and dashboards on screens

- Discover how room signs, interactivity and remote publishing can extend the impact of digital signs

- Explore cool real-world digital signage applications and get tips on what not to do


See the full transcript HERE

Get content ideas for campus signage in our white paper: Increasing Employee Engagement with Digital Signs



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