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Experiential Design for Digital Signage

June 1, 2021

Experiential Design for Digital Signage

EPISODE 63 | Derek DeWitt, Communications Specialist for Visix, Inc.

Immersive experiences are being pioneered in a number of fields using experiential design concepts. Though digital signage is mainly a visual medium, there are ways to engage the other four senses as well. Yes – hearing, touch, smell and even taste.

The more ways you can get someone’s attention, the better chance you have of attracting them and giving them an experience that they’ll remember for a long time. And that means they’ll remember your message and your brand longer. This is more than thinking outside the box, it’s thinking outside the eye.

- Learn how much each sense influences how we process information

- Understand the importance of high-quality visuals and motion

- Explore ways to use audio and music effectively

- Consider using scent diffusers to add a smell element

- Don’t forget about haptics to engage the tactile sense

- Surprise people by offering a way to engage their taste buds

- Hear examples of how experiential design elements can work independently or together


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