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How (Not) to Communicate Effectively

February 9, 2021

How (Not) to Communicate Effectively

EPISODE 55 | Guest: Dave Haynes, founding editor for Sixteen:Nine, host of the 16:9 Podcast & digital signage consultant

Dave Haynes began in newspapers but started focusing primarily on digital signage and marketing 15 years ago. His refreshing take on how to keep communications honest has made Sixteen:Nine one of the go-to sources in the industry. In this episode, he shares some tips on how to communicate effectively with an audience and how not to screw up your press releases. 

Clear, concise communication is essential in all mediums, so you can apply this advice not only to your press releases, but also your digital signage content, social media and other messaging. Get suggestions on how to communicate both efficiently and effectively: 

- Learn what not to do if you want your story published
- Discover the benefits of hyper-targeting
- Understand the Five Ws & how they can transform your text
- Consider how buzzwords & quotes can hurt you
- Get advice on how to submit images & video
- Hear about queue management & other trends

See the full transcript HERE

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