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Using Digital Signage for Activism & Inclusion

November 3, 2020

Using Digital Signage for Activism & Inclusion

EPISODE 48 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix

Engaging your audience with digital signage means including them in the conversation. There’s a lot going on in the world that’s more than just the day-to-day grind of work or classes, and part of your communications strategy should take that into account.

In this episode, we cover five aspects of incorporating activism and inclusion into your messaging: culture, education, trust, respect and events. Learn how you can use your digital signs to include people in your organization at multiple levels, educate your audience on what’s important to you, and reinforce what’s important to them.

- Understand why you need to focus on people first

- Learn to define and reinforce your organizational culture on screens

- Explore how to encourage inclusion and respect in your facilities

- Consider causes and how to advertise them correctly

- Discover how to build trust and transparency by being accurate and timely

- Get tips on how to support events with more than just schedules


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