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Design Tips for Interactive Screens

Design Tips for Interactive Screens

September 21, 2021

Design Tips for Interactive Screens

EPISODE 71 | Guest: Melissa Sartin, creative content artist for Visix

Interactivity is now the norm for screens in our daily lives. Making your digital signage interactive, either using touchscreen or voice interaction, can greatly improve the user experience, but not if what’s on screen is hard to read or hard to navigate.

In this episode, content artist Melissa Sartin walks us through design tips for interactive screens, what you can do using our AxisTV Signage Suite software and the common mistakes to avoid.

- Learn the benefits of offering interactivity

- Discover AxisTV Signage Suite’s interactive options and widgets

- Get tips for designing good interactive screen layouts

- Explore design themes, navigation systems, ADA controls, imagery and timeouts

- Understand the importance of testing & success measures


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Digital Signs for Business

Digital Signs for Business

September 7, 2021

Digital Signs for Business

EPISODE 70 | Guest: Jason Cain, region sales manager – South Central for Visix

Businesses of all types and sizes are using digital signage to inform and motivate employees, as well as communicate and connect with visitors and the public. But how successful your signage is always depends on what you’re showing on screens and how often you’re refreshing that content.

In this episode, Jason Cain walks us through how companies are using digital signs for business to engage both their internal and external audiences, the most popular content for each, and some of his best and worst real-world examples.

- Learn how businesses handle internal vs. public-facing communications

- Hear the pros and cons of enterprise, cloud and on-premise solutions

- Understand the benefits of automated events, alerts, KPIs and dashboards on screens

- Discover how room signs, interactivity and remote publishing can extend the impact of digital signs

- Explore cool real-world digital signage applications and get tips on what not to do


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ADA Guidelines for Digital Signage

ADA Guidelines for Digital Signage

December 1, 2020

ADA Guidelines for Digital Signage

EPISODE 50 | Host: Derek DeWitt, communications specialist for Visix, Inc.

Professional communication is about inclusion. The number and type of disabilities are more prevalent and varied than you might think, and include everything from physical to visual to hearing impairments and more. And with an aging population, it’s more important than ever before to ensure everyone can access and engage with your communications.

The Americans with Disabilities Act lays out steps for how you can ensure your facility, and your visual communications, are accessible to everyone. In this episode, we focus on tips for ADA guidelines for digital signage, specifically:

- Learn about how and where to mount screens

- Explore guidelines for keypads, kiosks and touchscreens

- Consider voice-responsive technology and EZ Access devices

- Discover how contrast, color, fonts and icons can help color blind viewers

- Get lots of links to helpful online resources


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Digital Wayfinding 101

Digital Wayfinding 101

August 25, 2020

Digital Wayfinding 101

EPISODE 43Guest: Jill Perardi, creative services manager for Visix

Wayfinding at its most basic level is simple – help people get from point A to point B. But there’s a lot more to effective wayshowing than just putting up a map, especially once you decide to go digital. Digital wayfinding needs to be well planned and well designed with the user experience always the priority.

The tradeoff for that extra work is that you also have more possibilities and options to engage your audience. In this episode, we’ll explore digital wayfinding options and best practices for static screens, interactive touchscreens and smartphones, and cover the basics of what you need to get started. 

- Start with a goal, a team and a plan
- Maps: where to get them and what goes on them
- Use color coding and landmarks
- No touchscreen? No problem. Put wayfinding on static displays
- Design for the user, environment and screen size
- Weigh time and budget against the visitor experience
- Consider ADA guidelines and mobile options
- Use a voice user interface for hands-free interactivity on any screen


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