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Combatting Workplace Rumors with Good Communications

Combatting Workplace Rumors with Good Communications

October 19, 2021

Combatting Workplace Rumors with Good Communications

EPISODE 73 | Guest: Andrew Brown, co-founder of the Academy of Business Communications

Water cooler talk has moved online, so the number, spread and speed of workplace rumors is growing every day. Ignoring rumors or putting out bad messaging to combat them can do more damage than the original rumor itself. Organizations have to understand the reasons why employees might create or spread rumors, how their communications and culture might be contributing to the rumor mill, and how to take a proactive approach to combat them. 

Andrew Brown walks us through the conditions that create fertile ground for rumors, the very human and social reasons behind them, and some real-world stories and advice for how organizations should and should not try to manage rumors in the workplace. 

- Understand three levels where rumors take hold

- Learn about the three conditions that allow rumors to rise and spread

- Hear four common but ineffective approaches that organizations often take

- Discover the traps that organizations often fall into when addressing rumors

- Get three tips for things an organization can do to combat rumors

- Explore how the hybrid office, technology and different generations play into it

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EX, CX, VX & Why Experience Matters

EX, CX, VX & Why Experience Matters

October 5, 2021

EX, CX, VX & Why Experience Matters

EPISODE 72 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager, Visix, Inc.

The experience is everything. Whether it be the visitor experience, customer experience or employee experience, focusing on people, their needs and how they interact with your company and culture can make or break your brand.

In this episode, we’ll give you an overview and history of each of the EX, CX and VX disciplines, and talk about how a good experience can lead to higher productivity, improve employee retention, raise revenues and create brand advocates. We also distinguish between employee experience and employee engagement, and give you some tips for how to wrap all of this into your digital signage strategy.

- Understand the difference between EX, CX and VX

- Hear the history of how each of these mindsets developed

- Learn about the evolution from employee engagement to employee experience

- Discover why experience is so important for a brand’s success

- Get tips for how to wrap experience into your communications and content strategies

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Digital Signs for Business

Digital Signs for Business

September 7, 2021

Digital Signs for Business

EPISODE 70 | Guest: Jason Cain, region sales manager – South Central for Visix

Businesses of all types and sizes are using digital signage to inform and motivate employees, as well as communicate and connect with visitors and the public. But how successful your signage is always depends on what you’re showing on screens and how often you’re refreshing that content.

In this episode, Jason Cain walks us through how companies are using digital signs for business to engage both their internal and external audiences, the most popular content for each, and some of his best and worst real-world examples.

- Learn how businesses handle internal vs. public-facing communications

- Hear the pros and cons of enterprise, cloud and on-premise solutions

- Understand the benefits of automated events, alerts, KPIs and dashboards on screens

- Discover how room signs, interactivity and remote publishing can extend the impact of digital signs

- Explore cool real-world digital signage applications and get tips on what not to do


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7 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

7 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

August 10, 2021

7 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Engaged

EPISODE 68 | Guest: Sean Matthews, president & CEO, Visix, Inc.

What’s the difference between remote workers and in-office workers? Not much, it turns out. Every employee wants to feel motivated, connected and engaged, and every employee requires good communication from all levels of their organization. Remote workers need the same guidance and encouragement as in-office staff, and they can be just as productive (or more so) than the employee sitting in a cubicle if you evolve your mindset and your communication channels to deliver what they need.

In this episode, Sean Matthews talks about the realities of a growing hybrid workforce, specific challenges that Visix has faced and how we addressed them, along with some concrete advice for anyone struggling to engage their remote workers.

- Learn about the myths and mindsets that pose a barrier to remote engagement

- Hear how Visix adapted to an expanded remote workforce

- Understand the benefits of remote work for both employees and the bottom line

- Get seven practical tips on how to keep your remote workers engaged

- Explore technologies and techniques for hybrid office communications


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Get more advice in our free Guide to Engaging Remote Employees


12 Tips for Better Employee Communications

12 Tips for Better Employee Communications

June 29, 2021

12 Tips for Better Employee Communications

EPISODE 65 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing communications manager for Visix


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Better employee communications take work. It’s not enough to create a PowerPoint slide or fill in a template with some text. You have to have a strategy behind your messages, or your employees will just tune out. That goes for every channel – email, digital signs, social networks, collaboration apps, etc. And the need for purposeful, well-thought-out messaging is never more important than for internal communications.

Today’s employees need transparency into your mission and the outcomes of their actions. They want a voice in your operations and how, when, where and what you communicate. If you want to drive and deliver better employee communications, we’re giving you 12 tips that you can put into action today:

- Hear how better employee communications affect engagement and experience

- Learn about best practices for design, content and frequency

- Understand context, clarity and brevity all work together

- Explore how to measure understanding and effectiveness

- Discover how surveys can do some of the work for you


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Use our infographic to take these tips with you.


A Modern Guide to Manufacturing Signage

A Modern Guide to Manufacturing Signage

June 15, 2021

A Modern Guide to Manufacturing Signage

EPISODE 64 | Guest: Chip Kepner, region sales manager - West Great Lakes for Visix, Inc.

Just as factories, warehouses and assembly lines have embraced technology to help them do their work, manufacturing signage has evolved to modernize communications with a fast-moving, far-flung workforce.

When workers can’t get to a computer to check email, or there’s no good internet in the area of the plant, how do you keep them engaged, informed and safe? In this episode, Chip Kepner walks us through how modern facilities are using digital signs to unify communications across their facilities – both in the office and on the floor.

- Get lots of content ideas for manufacturing signage

- Learn how signage affects employee engagement and productivity

- Hear best practices for HR and safety messaging, KPIs and more

- Discover how to unite messaging across jobs, teams and locations

- Understand what not to do on screens

- Explore some best and worse real-world examples


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Internal Communication Trends for 2021

Internal Communication Trends for 2021

April 20, 2021

Internal Communication Trends for 2021

EPISODE 60 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing & communications manager for Visix, Inc.

A new study by Gallagher on internal communication trends gives insights into the changing landscape of reaching employees and keeping them engaged. We take a look at a few of the findings – the good and the bad – and discuss possible reasons for why respondents said what they said. Along the way, we examine what organizations can do in the near future to improve their messaging, and how IC is changing in the coming years.

- Examine new priorities for internal communication (IC) and employee experience (EX)

- Hear how IC, HR and the C-suite are using new tools, tech and training

- Understand the growth of digital, interactive, multisensory and omnichannel comms

- Consider how new technologies, channels and content will impact IC strategies

- Learn how to expand measurement beyond reach to evaluate outcomes


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For more IC stats from the study, see our infographic: 30 New IC Statistics

You can also read the entire Gallagher study here: State of the Sector 2021: The definitive global survey of the internal communication and employee engagement landscape.

Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

April 6, 2021

Employee Engagement Trends in 2021

EPISODE 59 | Guest: Debbie DeWitt, marketing & communications manager for Visix, Inc.

Employee engagement has been greatly affected by the upheavals of 2020. Internal Communications, Human Resources, the C-suite, managers and workers are all adjusting to the new work-from-home culture, the technology that makes it possible and the challenges of communicating remotely.

In this episode, we discuss employee engagement trends highlighted in a new Gallup report. We cover where organizations are doing better than before, and where there’s still work to be done, and take a look at some of the reasons why the numbers are what they are.

- Hear the latest stats for engaged and unengaged employees

- Discover how HR and IC are adapting to the new normal

- Understand the risks of disengagement and burnout

- Learn why meaningful feedback and wellbeing are top priorities

- Explore how the C-suite and managers fit into engagement


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Want more tips on communications for employee engagement? Download our Masterclass Guide 2: Digital Signage Communications Planning

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